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  • Me and Friends I climbed Mt. Ararat in the summer of 2015. We initially found the Ararat Peak Travel website through a random google search, but were very impressed with the clear and comprehensive information they provided. Through a couple of email exchanges Zeki answered all our questions, and was very upfront about all costs which were extremely reasonable. From the moment we arrived in Van to the top summit were extremely kind and accommodating. All our requests were met with the same reply: "Of course!" Their experience and knowledge of the mountain made the whole trip safe and fun! We spent seven unforgettable days together, and give them our highest recommendation!
    Mark Anthony
  • At Ararat climbing I was pleasantly surprised when at the camps we were offered such a plentiful meal. Lunches and dinners, which consisted of 3 dishes, not inferior to restaurant dishes in quality and taste. Breakfast with fruits, snacks, as well as morning rations until the next camp were also tasty and quite useful. To say the truth , I was preparing for canned goods and cracker. But everything was above my expectations. in addition to this, everything was also with a big human soul, and this is the most expensive thing, that I want to mention especially.
    Christina Hardy
  • *My 5-days Ararat trekking was a great trip with stunning views in the sunrise on the way to the summit. Most enjoyed - the spirit of the group (an interesting assortment of friendly people, including our enthusiastic guide Mehmet), meeting local semi-nomadic people along the trek and cultural visits (especially stunning Ishak Pasha Palace).
    *I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. Appreciated the attention to detail displayed by Ararat Adventures. I especially enjoyed every moment on the mountain and all contact with the local culture. Although I knew in general what to expect, one of the unexpected bonuses of such a trip is meeting others within the group and sharing the experience. This was an excellent mix of the culture and scenery of Turkey.
    Jessica Lee


Ararat peak  is a professional a team about mountains  guides Turkey –  Iran –  Russian – Georgia –  trekking climbing and skiing tours as well as cultural travel we have professionally guide people to Mt Ararat, Mt Elbrus, Mt Kazbek, Mt Damavand for over 20 years. Few years also have started to organize trekking and ski climbing tours to other mountains in Turkey Mt kaçkar, Mt Suphan, Mt Erciyes, Aladağlar, little Ararat. We organize also cultural and historical tours to many places in Eastern and Southern Turkey, Iran, Russia, Georgia. Tourism, but we try to promote sustainable tourism, that respects local people, environment, economy and cultural heritage. That is the reason that we do not have ‘clients’, we have guests who very often become our friends, Also we can organize private tours for any size of a group, to any place on any date. We can help you to make an individual itinerary just for you, giving you freedom to choose where you want to go and when you want to do it. Peak Ararat team also proud of cultural tour professional passion for introducing you to local history, culture, customs, nature and foods. Our policy is to give you the best service for as reasonable price as possible, because we believe that everyone has the right to get the best experience in mountains, even with limited budget. Booking tours direct with us means no extra fees for agents, because we organize everything by ourselves.

“We want your traveling with us to be the adventure of a time.  Summit Ararat of mountains or just show you one of historical places. We want you to feel the real atmosphere of a mountain adventure of places visit whit us”

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